Consulting Services

With over 35 years of broad ministry experience, Rory is well qualified to offer assistance with ministry strategy, worship leader development, and/or service planning. Over the years, Rory has helped churches improve worship services, hire worship leaders, create a dynamic worship culture, and combine liturgy with contemporary worship styles. Most recently, churches interested in pursuing intergenerational/multiethnic worship have sought Rory’s expertise in this area. Rory has also been called upon to develop spiritual formation strategies for ministry volunteers. Whether you’re looking for an ongoing partnership or simply some feedback on your worship services, consulting projects can be custom fit to suit your needs.

To inquire further about consulting, please fill out the Consulting Inquiry Form and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

What is the typical consulting process?

Though consulting projects differ according to purpose, it’s usually a three-step process:

1. Initial conversation

The process typically begins with a dialogue, usually by phone, regarding the purpose of the project. Key issues will be discussed and identified. This first conversation is free of charge.

2. Proposal

After a full assessment of the situation, Rory will propose a strategy and timetable for the project. Goals and deliverables will be clearly articulated. Fees will also be determined and agreed upon. At this point, a written agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties.

3. Implementation

The project is carried out according to plan. Along the way, solutions are formulated and practical next steps are clearly articulated and assigned.

What if I just want to talk to Rory one time or once in awhile?

If you’re looking for ministry related suggestions, need to talk through some personal or leadership issues, or just want to bounce ideas off a seasoned church leader, use the above form to set up a personal phone or Skype appointment with Rory. The fee is $100 an hour.